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A Practical Guide to Swing Trading — Free eBook

September 10, 2008 by

Now you can download a completely free ebook on the swing trading from my site — it’s «A Practical Guide to Swing Trading» by Larry Swing. Although this book doesn’t deal with the Forex market specifically and was written with the stocks in mind, it still can be applied to the Forex trading, and I must say that even before I read it I’ve been using the strategy described in this book myself with currencies.

Swing trading as it described in this book is a trading where you enter a market in the main trend’s direction, but only after a significant pullback that is followed by a clear signal that the trend will continue occurs. Theoretically, it can be applied to both intraday and daily charts, but the author suggest holding positions for several days before realizing the profit.

Another good thing is that, while this ebook is quite long (74 pages), it reads very easy and fast. If you think that the swing trading is for you, download it.

3 Responses to “A Practical Guide to Swing Trading — Free eBook”

  1. Mike

    Wow thanks for posting this


  2. Marius

    Just started trading with a demo account on forex, I love it, keep us posted on the materials that you find


  3. David

    I would just encourage everyone to be responsible for their own work. What I mean is don’t fall prey to system sellers or advisory services. All junk i assure you.

    What you need to do is take it upon yourself to conduct your own quantitative research and back testing. Get very good data like what is offered by these guys… and conduct thorough testing and creation of your own methods. Do NOT optimize one pair or cross but if you must on all the portfolio for robustness and under most all market conditions. Only then can you trust in the method under battle and the drawdowns that will enevitably come your way. This goes for forex, futures, stocks or any other asset class trading realm you wish to enter.

    Best to everyone.

    Cheers – David


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