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Forex — the foreign exchange (currency or FOREX, or FX) market is the biggest and the most liquid financial market in the world. It boasts a daily volume of more than $5.1 trillion (as of April 2016). Trading in this market involves buying and selling world currencies, taking profit from the exchange rates difference. FX trading can yield high profits but is also a very risky endeavor. Everyone can participate in foreign exchange trading via the Forex brokers.

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  • Samuel Bonson from Switzerland writes about Admiral Markets:

    I am a part-time trader for many years now. I have had good and bad experiences with different brokers. One thing that I hate is waiting for replies. Admiral Markets is very fast in providing support so I really appreciate that. On top, I consider th...

  • trootler from Odessa writes about FreshForex:

    I trade with them using my own trading system based on the fusion of Ichimoku indicator and some other patterns on more than 20 different instruments at once, as the trading system doesn't give many signals. I can say that platform shows stable wor...

  • jay from philippines writes about AvaTrade:

    hi, im jay, a trader from avatrade with account numbers 21--929 and 21--744, I experienced serious application malfunction or an app crash, I lost money because the application wont allow me to log in with the specific times when my account could be ...

  • Carlos Alberto from Uruguay (current South Africa) writes about AvaTrade:

    A little after I registered to a demo avatrade account I got a call from my account manager, who explained everything to me and cleared some fears and doubts I had. After 2 weeks I upgraded to a real account, and again the same account manager called...

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Forex Brokers Update — May 28th, 2017

Sun, 28 May 2017 9:59

The last two weeks included the following updates to the companies listed in the brokers section of now supports trading cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin on 1:3 leverage) via its MetaTrader 5 platform. AvaTrade now supports a whole range of cryptocurrencies for trading (including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Dash) with the maximum...

Weekly Forex Technical Analysis (May 29 — Jun 2)

Sat, 27 May 2017 9:06


Floor pivot points

3rd Sup2nd Sup1st SupPivot1st Res2nd Res3rd Res
1.1025 1.1093 1.1133 1.1201 1.1241 1.1308 1.1349

Woodie's pivot points

2nd Sup1st SupPivot1st Res2nd Res
1.1086 1.1119 1.1194 1.1227

EUR/USD Extends Move Down Following Positive Revision of US GDP

Fri, 26 May 2017 14:38

EUR/USD was falling today and extended its decline following the upward revision of US gross domestic product. While the currency pair halted the drop for now, it is too early to tell whether that was just a short pause or a more significant bounce. US GDP rose 1.2% in Q1 ...

Forex News

Great Britain Pound Rebounds After Friday's Losses

Great Britain Pound Rebounds After Friday's Losses

Mon, 29 May 2017 20:22

The Great Britain pound rose against its major rivals today following the huge losses on Friday caused by polls that showed the ruling Conservative party is losing its lead ahead of the snap election in June.

South African Rand Drops as Zuma Resists Calls to Step Down

South African Rand Drops as Zuma Resists Calls to Step Down

Mon, 29 May 2017 17:13

The South African rand fell against the US dollar today after President Jacob Zuma resisted calls to step down, supported by his party.

South Korean Won Falls vs. US Dollar After North Korean Missile Test

South Korean Won Falls vs. US Dollar After North Korean Missile Test

Mon, 29 May 2017 16:57

North Korea performed yet another missile test, but markets were not disturbed by the event much. Nevertheless, the South Korean won fell a bit against the US dollar.

Commodity Blog

Crude Oil Bounces in Monday's Sluggish Trading

Mon, 29 May 2017 21:17

Crude oil dropped today following steep losses last week. Today's trading was sluggish due to public holidays in the United States, Great Britain,...

Gold Prices at One-Month Highs on Holiday Trade

Mon, 29 May 2017 16:39

Gold futures are trading at one-month highs thanks to the soft holiday trade. The yellow metal is trading relatively flat...

Commodities Technical Analysis, May 29th — June 2nd

Sun, 28 May 2017 9:23

The technical analysis, that includes the indicators’ data and major pivot points for WTI Oil, Gold, Silver and Copper as traded on spot market as of May 28th, 2017:...

Forex Video Zone

What Is a Precious Metal?

Mon, 29 May 2017 16:50

A precious metal is a rare metallic chemical element of high economic value. Chemically, the precious metals are less reactive than most elements, have high luster, and have higher melting points than other metals. Historically, precious metals were important as currency, but are now regarded mainly as investment and industrial commodities. Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, each have an ISO 4217 currency code. The best...

Euro Likely to Recover to Week Highs

Mon, 29 May 2017 13:40

On Friday, the EUR/USD pair closed the trading week in negative territory. Today, the single European currency is trying to recover to previous highs. The pair is trading at 1.1180. Investors are largely taking a wait and see approach ahead of the speech of ECB President Mario Draghi. The speech of the President of the ECB will determine the further movement of the euro against the US dollar. Market participants expect Mr. Draghi to talk about plans...

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank Explained in One Minute

Mon, 29 May 2017 10:25

The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank have been founded just like the United Nations after the World War 2. Why? Mainly because after the war, everyone wanted peace. However, peace on an empty stomach is hard to maintain. So, these two institutions were meant to help the economic stability of the world. Both of them are basically banks, but instead of being started by individuals like regular banks, they...