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US Dollar Steady Against Euro and Pound, Down Against Yen

US dollar is remaining steady against the euro and the pound as risk aversion remains an issue. However, the greenback continues to fall against the yen.

Dollar Index Gains as Traders Shun Riskier Assets

Dollar index is heading higher today as traders shun riskier assets. Stocks are dropping, as are oil prices. Traders are turning away from riskier assets in favor of safe havens, and that is helping the greenback to some degree.

Dollar Lies in Waiting for Further Monetary Policy Indications

The US dollar has experienced an abysmal week at the end of March and enters April with a bias that can be defined as bearish. But does it mean that the currency is going to extend its decline further?

US Dollar Starts Week with Positivity, Ends Negative

The US dollar has entered the trading week with a positive bias due to the outlook for monetary tightening from the Federal Reserve. But all positivity was squashed by dovish comments of Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen.

US Dollar Index Higher, Even as Greenback Trades Mixed

The US dollar index is higher today, even though the greenback is trading mixed against its major counterparts. Lackluster data and remarks from Fed Chair Yellen are still weighing on the dollar to some degree.

Soft Data and Rate Hike Expectations Send Dollar Lower

US dollar index is lower today thanks in large part to the fact that rates hike expectations are changing. Softer data reports are weighing on the greenback and sending it lower against its major counterparts.

US Dollar Ends Week with Gains as Traders Flock to Safety

The past trading week had been expected to be rather uneventful due to few important economic releases and abbreviated trading because of Good Friday. Yet the bombings in Brussels made it anything but quiet. As a result, the US dollar ended the week with gains as traders flocked to the US currency.

Dollar Struggles to Maintain Rally

The US dollar was attempting to extend its rally today but had limited success. The currency gained against the euro and the Japanese yen but trimmed gains as of now. Against the Great Britain pound, the greenback erased its gains altogether.

Dollar Goes Higher as Fed Members Talk About April Rate Hike

The US dollar was pushing higher today as the outlook for monetary tightening turned into a more hawkish one after comments of Federal Reserve officials.

Outlook for Dollar Unclear

The US dollar tumbled last week due to the unexpectedly dovish comments of the Federal Reserve, though the currency has started to recover by the weekend. What can traders expect from the greenback this week?