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Great Britain Pound Tanks After Carney Speaks About Stimulus

The Great Britain pound tanked today, ending the two-day rally, after the chief of the nation’s central bank signaled that monetary easing may be required to help Britain weather the impact of leaving the European Union.

Pound Hits New Lows amid Post-Referendum Turmoil

While the Brexit vote had an impact on all currencies, the Great Britain pound (unsurprisingly) has borne the brunt of Britain’s decision to part with the European Union. The currency touched a new 31-year minimum versus the US dollar and also dropped to new lows versus many other currencies.

Pound Ends Week with Huge Losses After Brexit Becomes Real

The major event for the week, overshadowing all others, was the referendum in Great Britain. And it resulted in a shocking outcome — Britons voted for leaving the European Union. Unsurprisingly, the Great Britain pound crashed hard after the result of voting had become clear.

Pound Jumps More than 1% Against Dollar & Yen

The Great Britain pound continued to soar against other most-traded currencies, particularly safer ones like the US dollar and the Japanese yen, as prospects for the Brexit had waned significantly.

Better to Avoid Sterling Ahead of Britain’s Referendum

Britain’s upcoming referendum about membership in the European Union remains a hot topic in the news and speculations of market participants. Many analysts advise to stay away from the Great Britain pound ahead of the event.

Pound Starts Week Poorly, Bounces Later

The theme of Great Britain’s referendum about leaving the European Union remained a hot topic during the week. While the week had started negative for the currency, the sterling rebounded by the weekend.

Pound Remains Firm After Bank of England Meeting

The Great Britain pound remained relatively firm following yesterday’s policy meeting of nation’s central bank. As it was expected, the Bank of England kept its monetary policy unchanged.

Pound Rebounds After Attack on Pro-EU Lawmaker

The Great Britain rose today following the attack on the pro-EU lawmaker that resulted in speculations about possible rise of “Bremain” votes.

Brexit Votes Lead in Polls, GBP Extends Run to Downside

Talks about the potential exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union continue to rattle markets. As a result, the Great Britain pound extended its move to the downside during Tuesday’s trading.

Pound Feels Weight of Brexit Fears

The Great Britain pound continued to feel the weight of Brexit fears. While the currency was attempting to hold its ground on Monday, it looks like the sterling has buckled under the pressure, falling during Tuesday’s early trading.