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Pound Drops vs. Dollar, Holds Ground vs. Other Peers

The Great Britain pound fell against the US dollar yesterday and maintained losses today. The sterling’s performance against other currencies, including the euro and the Japanese yen, was far better.

Euro Plunges Following Draghi’s Comments

Euro is heading much lower today, plunging following the latest comments by ECB President Mario Draghi. His insistence that the ECB will do whatever it takes to stimulate the eurozone economy is driving the 18-nation currency lower today.

Eurozone PMI Data Sends Euro Lower

The latest PMI data out of the eurozone is weighing on the euro today. A reading that moved unexpectedly lower is weighing on the 18-nation currency as Forex traders contemplate continued slowed growth, even with the ECB’s efforts to boost the economy.

Yuan Weakens as Manufacturing PMI Falls

The Chinese yuan weakened today as a private indicator of nation’s manufacturing fell more than was anticipated. The gauge was at the neutral no-growth level.

NZ Dollar Follows Aussie’s Performance

Today’s performance of the New Zealand dollar was similar to that of its Australian counterpart. The currency fell at the start of the current trading session but bounced later and is trading above the opening level right now.

No Help for the UK Pound in Forex Trading

There isn’t a lot of help for the UK pound in forex trading today. With recent data disappointing analysts, and with the Bank of England still not taking any action, the sterling is down almost across the board today.

AUD Drops vs. USD, Gains on JPY

The Australian dollar dropped against its US counterpart due to negative economic data from Australia. At the same time, the currency managed to reverse its losses versus the Japanese yen and reached the highest level in a year and a half.

Manufacturing Data Boosts UK Pound

UK pound is heading higher today, gaining ground thanks to the latest manufacturing data. Manufacturing data surprised to the upside, and the sterling is getting a boost because of the news.

Eurozone Manufacturing PMI Disappoints, Sending Euro Lower

The latest reading for eurozone manufacturing PMI was a bit disappointing, underscoring the difficulties the eurozone continues to face in its economic recovery. On top of that, the news that the United Kingdom might leave the European Union is weighing, even though the United Kingdom isn’t part of the euro area.

Euro Gains on Manufacturing Data

The latest manufacturing data is in for the eurozone, and it’s more positive than expected. As a result, the euro is gaining ground against many of its counterparts. This might the news that the 18-nation currency region has been waiting for, since it signals that maybe another recession isn’t inevitable after all.