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Yuan Little Change After IMF Makes It Reserve Currency

The Chinese yuan was little changed against the US dollar today after the International Monetary Fund decided yesterday to include the currency in its basket of currencies that make up the Special Drawing Right (SDR).

Yuan Drops as Regulators Expand Probe on Brokerages

The Chinese yuan dropped against the US dollar today as the Chinese stock market crashed after regulators expanded their probe on brokerage firms.

Euro Drops as IMF Will Not Provide Aid for Greece

The euro was in rout today after a report that the International Monetary Fund will not participate in the third round of the bailout for Greece. Prospects for monetary tightening in the United States put additional pressure on the euro, as well as on other currencies.

Yen Gains as Japan’s Economic Data Beats Expectations

Today’s economic data released from Japan was very good, in contrast to reports released from other parts of the world. This allowed the Japanese yen to gain on its major peers.

Euro Slides After Greece Approves Austerity

The euro slipped today, extending yesterday’s losses even though the Greek parliament voted in favor of austerity measures required to get the next tranche of a bailout from the European Union.

Greece Says ‘No’ to Austerity, Euro Opens Sharply Lower

The euro opened sharply lower at the start of this week’s trading as the majority of the Greeks voted against the austerity measures demanded by the international creditors. The currency rose during the trading session but remains below the Friday’s closing level.

Euro Rises After Two Sessions of Decline

The euro rose a little today against its major counterparts following two sessions of losses. Traders wait for the Greek referendum during the weekend that may decide the fate of the country and its place in the eurozone.

No Bailout for Greece Yet — Euro Vulnerable

With no bailout for Greece yet, the euro moved a bit lower against the Great Britain pound and the Japanese yen, though it was little changed against the US dollar. Hope remains, but deadline is almost at the door.

Euro Rallies, Remains Under Heavy Pressure From Greek Woes

The euro rallied on Wednesday but was under heavy pressure from concerns about Greece and its debt issues. The country desperately needs to secure a bailout before money runs out, but so far no progress has been made in negotiations.

Euro Struggles as Greece Impasse Continues

Financial markets are finally showing concern over the negotiations between Greece and its creditors and the euro is struggling today. Concerns that an agreement really won’t be reached, and that Greece will default, are on the rise.