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US Dollar Ends Week of Fed Lift-Off with Gains, Future Unclear

The Forex market was in turmoil after the Federal Reserve’s decision to hike interest rates even though such an event had been expected by market participants. While the US dollar ended the week with gains against the vast majority of most-traded currencies, the future of the greenback is not that clear.

Euro Struggles Against Major Currencies as Traders Assess

Euro is struggling today against major currencies, but not as much as many thought it would be. Even though the Fed’s rate hike yesterday weighed on the 19-nation currency, it’s not the rout many expected.

Dollar Rallies After Fed Hikes Rates for First Time Since 2006

The Federal Reserve performed a long-anticipated interest rate hike on Wednesday. While the dollar had a confusing reaction to the announcement at first, it rallied by the end of trading session and continued to move up during the start of the Thursday’s trading session.

Australian Dollar Edges Higher Before Fed Announcement

The Australian dollar ticked higher today as the market was preparing itself for the upcoming monetary policy announcement from the Federal Reserve. Trading was jittery due to uncertainty regarding the Fed decision and the market reaction to it.

GBP Weaker vs. USD, Flat vs. JPY & EUR

The Great Britain pound fell against the US dollar today due to the policy divergence between the central banks of the United States and Great Britain. Tuesday’s data from the United Kingdom was positive enough to allow the sterling to hold ground versus the Japanese yen and the euro.

USD Stronger Ahead of All-Important Fed Decision

The US dollar gained against its major peers today, including the euro, the Great Britain pound and the Japanese yen. The market prepares itself to the policy announcement from the Federal Reserve tomorrow.

Yuan Remains Under Pressure Despite Improving Economic Data

The Chinese yuan remained under pressure despite positive economic data from China. As most currencies, the yuan suffered from expectations of monetary tightening from the US Federal Reserve.

Euro Continues to Gain Steam

Euro continues to gain ground today, heading higher against other major currencies. Euro is improving, and some forecasters have revised their expectations for next year’s performance.

Greenback Pulls Back as Traders Consider the Future

US dollar is lower today, dropping as Forex traders and analysts consider what’s next and try to look ahead to 2016.

Greenback Falters on Commodities and Interest Rate Revolt

The US dollar is struggling today, faltering as commodities move a little higher, and as it appears that there could be a revolt against higher interest rates from the Federal Reserve.