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Dollar Index Recovers Slightly From 2016 Low

US dollar index is recovering slightly today after hitting a 2016 low yesterday. Following send remarks, the US dollar went into a tailspin. Now, though, the greenback is trading mix against its major counterparts, the dollar index is slightly higher, thanks to a lower euro.

Canadian Dollar Surges After Fed

The Canadian dollar demonstrated a strong rally today, joining other currencies that have gained on the US dollar. There were several reasons for the rise: the Federal Reserve policy announcement, rising crude oil prices and solid manufacturing sales in Canada.

Euro Trades Mixed as Policymakers Wait for Fed to Make Move

Euro is trading mixed today, heading lower against the dollar by gaining against the yen and pound. For the most part, European policymakers are waiting for the Fed to make a move. As long as the Federal Reserve doesn’t raise rates, moves by the European Central Bank are less effective.

Sterling Falls With Stocks

UK pound is losing ground today as global stocks drop. Concerns about the UK economy also continue to weigh on the sterling.

Dollar Fails to Rally Against Euro & Pound

The US dollar was attempting to rally against such major rivals as the euro and the Great Britain pound earlier today but has failed. In fact, the currency trades below the opening level right now and continues to move lower.

Policy Outlook & Economic Data Make Things Difficult for USD

The US dollar managed to end the week flat against the Japanese yen, but otherwise the greenback was very weak during the past trading week. The reasons for the poor performance were the monetary policy outlook as well as macroeconomic data that was not that great.

Non-Farm Payrolls Fail to Boost US Dollar

The US dollar was mostly weaker today (though it gained on the Japanese yen) despite the release of seemingly solid employment data that should have boosted the currency.

US Dollar Trades Mixed as ISM Data is Released

Greenback is trading mixed today as the latest ISM data is released. The US dollar is down against sterling, but up against the euro and the yen. The dollar index is also higher today.

Greenback Heads Higher After GDP Reading

US dollar is gaining ground against its major counterparts today after the release of the latest GDP data. An improving US economy is boosting the possibility of a rate hike later this year.

Dollar Fails to Rally due to Poor Economic Data from USA

The US dollar was rising against other currencies during the Wednesday’s trading session but was hurt by weak macroeconomic data released from the United States. As a result, the greenback traded flat against some most-traded currencies and fell versus others. The US currency still outperformed the Great Britain pound due to the Brexit fears.