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US Dollar Index Higher, Even as Greenback Trades Mixed

The US dollar index is higher today, even though the greenback is trading mixed against its major counterparts. Lackluster data and remarks from Fed Chair Yellen are still weighing on the dollar to some degree.

Euro Gains on Major Rivals, Falls vs. Swiss Franc

The euro gained on the US dollar as well as against other most-liquid currencies during the Thursday’s trading session. The notable exception was the Swiss franc, against which the shared 19-nation currency declined.

Euro Rallies vs. Dollar & Yen, Flat vs. Pound

The euro rallied together with other currencies against the US dollar after Janet Yellen, Chairperson of the Federal Reserve, signaled that monetary tightening would be cautious and gradual. The currency also rose versus the Japanese yen but remained flat against the Great Britain pound.

Soft Data and Rate Hike Expectations Send Dollar Lower

US dollar index is lower today thanks in large part to the fact that rates hike expectations are changing. Softer data reports are weighing on the greenback and sending it lower against its major counterparts.

Euro Gets a Boost on Soft US Data

Euro is a little higher today, thanks in part to soft US data. Trading is a little thin today because of the Easter Monday holiday in Europe.

US Dollar Ends Week with Gains as Traders Flock to Safety

The past trading week had been expected to be rather uneventful due to few important economic releases and abbreviated trading because of Good Friday. Yet the bombings in Brussels made it anything but quiet. As a result, the US dollar ended the week with gains as traders flocked to the US currency.

Dollar Struggles to Maintain Rally

The US dollar was attempting to extend its rally today but had limited success. The currency gained against the euro and the Japanese yen but trimmed gains as of now. Against the Great Britain pound, the greenback erased its gains altogether.

Euro Finally Shows Signs of Weakness

Analysts and traders have been expecting the euro to drop for quite some time now. Forecasts for a lower euro have not been met, as the 19-nation currency continues to show resiliency. Today, though, the euro finally appears to be showing signs of weakness.

Dollar Goes Higher as Fed Members Talk About April Rate Hike

The US dollar was pushing higher today as the outlook for monetary tightening turned into a more hawkish one after comments of Federal Reserve officials.

Euro Retains Much of Its Strength

Euro is still trading relatively strong against most of its major counterparts. Even though the 19-nation currency is down against the dollar today, it isn’t down by very much and it is largely holding its ground. Much of this has to do with the fact that ECB policymakers are finding it difficult to continue to talk the euro down.