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Euro Gets Help From Expectations of Limited Stimulus

Euro is getting a little help today in Forex trading on the expectation that further stimulus is likely to be limited. With markets struggling, and safer assets likely to be supported, the need for stimulus is weakening.

US Dollar Continues to Gain Ground as Uncertainty Remains

US dollar is heading higher today against many of its major counterparts, thanks in large part to some of the uncertainty still in the markets. With the concerns about China, the United States remains the economic safe haven.

European Bond Yields Remain in Check

Bond yields in the eurozone are still in check, thanks in large part to better news out of China and better stock performance. The euro is heading a little lower, and there are expectations for the 19-nation currency to struggle the rest of the year.

Risk Aversion Secures Gains of USD vs. Most Other Currencies

The major theme this week was risk aversion due to the news from China. This allowed the US dollar to gain against the Great Britain pound and commodity-linked currencies during the past trading week. At the same time, the greenback fell against the Japanese yen and, surprisingly, against the euro.

Euro Heads Lower as Economic Concerns Weigh

After maintaining some degree of strength this week, the euro is heading lower today. Economic concerns are weighing on the 19-nation currency, and comparisons are again being made with the US economic recovery.

Greenback Gains on Employment Data

US dollar is heading higher today, gaining after the announcement of the latest job figures. With an unexpectedly high gain in jobs, the US economy appears to be on firm footing and many analysts are looking forward to more interest rate hikes.

Dollar Drops vs. Euro & Yen, Retains Gains vs. Other Majors

The US dollar fell against the euro and the Japanese yen today as minutes of the latest Federal Reserve policy meeting were relatively dovish. The greenback retained gains against most other major currencies thanks to the strong private employment report.

Continued Safe Haven Demand Helps Greenback

Forex traders are still looking for a safe haven today, and the US dollar is providing that feeling of confidence. With upheaval in the stock markets and uncertainty over North Korea and the Middle East, it’s no surprise that the dollar is gaining ground today.

PMI Reading Helps Euro Hold Its Own

Euro is holding its today in currency trading on the FX market, in spite of global jitters related to the latest news out of China and North Korea. Better economic data is helping the 19-nation currency as some expect to see growth in 2016.

US Dollar Index Rises as Risk Aversion Continues

US dollar index is higher today, thanks in large part to continued risk aversion. The latest chain of events in China and the Middle East are making investors and traders skittish, and they are turning to safe haven currencies.