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Yen Rallies as Demand for Safety Returns

The Japanese yen rallied today as the continuing slide of crude oil prices and concerns about the Chinese economy made traders appreciate the safety of the currency yet again.

Yen Weaker as Traders Feel No Need for Safety

The Japanese yen was soft during Wednesday’s trading session and remained weak at the start of Thursday’s trading as signs of improvement in the global economy made the currency less desirable as a safe haven asset.

Eurozone Production Drops, Bringing Euro Down

Euro is lower today, dropping following the report of the latest industrial production numbers. Some analysts have believed that the euro is overbought, especially against the US dollar, and this might be the beginning of a crash for the 19-nation currency.

Yen Falls as Taro Aso Talks About Intervention

Japan’s Finance Minister Taro Aso signaled that an intervention into the currency market in order to weaken the Japanese yen would not be against the agreement of the Group of Twenty. Unsurprisingly, the yen dropped after such remarks.

Divergence, Risk Aversion Weigh on Euro

Euro is trading mixed against its major counterparts today, falling against the dollar and the yen as risk aversion continues. Many also expect to see a revival of the divergence trade between the dollar and the euro. The 19-nation currency is higher against the pound, though, as the sterling appears on the verge of collapse.

Japanese Yen Remains Among Strongest Currencies

The Japanese yen remains one of the strongest currencies (if not the strongest) as risk aversion plagues the Forex market, increasing the attractiveness of the currency in its role of a safe haven.

Falling Crude Oil Fuels Rally of Japanese Yen

The Japanese yen rallied against most other major currencies today. Analysts explained the rally by risk aversion that followed the drop of crude oil prices.

Euro Upside Continues Against US Dollar

Euro continues to show resiliency, and it appears that there is the possibility of increased upside for the 19-nation currency. With the Fed backing down and the ECB largely unable to keep the euro weak, more gains could be seen in the near term.

Euro Gains on Major Rivals, Falls vs. Swiss Franc

The euro gained on the US dollar as well as against other most-liquid currencies during the Thursday’s trading session. The notable exception was the Swiss franc, against which the shared 19-nation currency declined.

Euro Rallies vs. Dollar & Yen, Flat vs. Pound

The euro rallied together with other currencies against the US dollar after Janet Yellen, Chairperson of the Federal Reserve, signaled that monetary tightening would be cautious and gradual. The currency also rose versus the Japanese yen but remained flat against the Great Britain pound.