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Euro Finally Pulls Back Against Other Currencies

Euro is finally pulling back against many of its other currencies, dropping as Forex traders consider that the ECB will need to make a move soon.

Euro Heads Higher, Even as Global Stocks Tumble

Euro is heading higher today, even though global stocks are falling and there is some risk aversion entering the markets. Gold prices are on the rise, though, and that seems to be providing a bit of a boost to the 19-nation currency.

Global Stocks Sink Benefiting Japanese Yen

The Japanese yen rallied today as the drop of crude oil led to a rout of global stocks which in turn resulted in risk aversion and demand for safe haven assets.

Euro Pulls Back on Profit Taking and Consolidation

Euro has been enjoying quite the rally in recent days, due mostly to dollar weakness and policy misses. However, the 19-nation currency is pulling back a bit right now as Forex traders consolidate their positions and take profits.

Euro Down on Factory Data, Except Against the Dollar

Euro is mostly lower today, falling against many of its major counterparts after the release of factory output data. The US dollar is one of the few currencies that the euro is seeing gains against today.

Yen Edges Up on Demand for Safer Assets

Yen is heading higher as investors and traders turn to more traditional safe haven assets in response to uncertainty and volatility in the stock market.

Euro Rallies a Bit as Gold Gains Ground

Euro is rallying today, following on the heels of a choppy couple of weeks. Last week the euro didn’t perform quite as well as expected, considering the data released about the eurozone, but at the start of this week the 19-nation currency seems to be making up for it.

Bank of Japan Responsible for Weekly Losses of Yen

The past trading week was marked with several policy meetings of major central banks. The most interesting of them turned out to be the Bank of Japan meeting that resulted in a surprise cut of the interest rates into negative territory. As one can expect, this resulted in a slump of the Japanese yen.

Yen Sinks as BoJ Implements Negative Interest Rates

The Bank of Japan surprised the market by pushing its interest rates into negative territory at today’s monetary policy meeting. As one could expect, such decision led to a slump of the Japanese yen against other most-traded currencies.

Eurozone Confidence Drops, But Euro Remains Higher Against Dollar

The latest economic confidence data out of the eurozone shows a drop from December to January. Even though this news is bolstering the case for stimulus, the euro is higher against the dollar.