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Euro Gets a Boost on Soft US Data

Euro is a little higher today, thanks in part to soft US data. Trading is a little thin today because of the Easter Monday holiday in Europe.

Euro Finally Shows Signs of Weakness

Analysts and traders have been expecting the euro to drop for quite some time now. Forecasts for a lower euro have not been met, as the 19-nation currency continues to show resiliency. Today, though, the euro finally appears to be showing signs of weakness.

Pound Continues to Move Lower Against Dollar

The Great Britain pound continued to move lower against the US dollar today after demonstrating the biggest one-day loss since February yesterday. Surprisingly enough, the currency performed even worse than the euro.

Euro Retains Much of Its Strength

Euro is still trading relatively strong against most of its major counterparts. Even though the 19-nation currency is down against the dollar today, it isn’t down by very much and it is largely holding its ground. Much of this has to do with the fact that ECB policymakers are finding it difficult to continue to talk the euro down.

Great Britain Pound amid Political Turmoil

The Great Britain pound fell today as the split in the ruling Conservative party led to concerns that Prime Minister David Cameron may have problems in holding his party together in voting for staying in the European Union.

Euro Backtracks After Praet Remarks

Euro is a little lower across the board today after remarks from Peter Praet. Indications from Praet seem to contradict the decision announced by ECB last week. The euro is weaker, but it is not below the general range that it has been trading in for the last few months.

UK Pound Higher, Even After Productivity Forecast Downgrade

UK pound is mostly higher today against its major counterparts, even after the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) cut its forecasts for productivity. However, many analysts expect that pounds to weaken in upcoming weeks and months as the Bank of England waits to raise rates until after the Brexit issue is resolved.

Dollar Crashes as Fed Lowers Interest Rate Expectations

The main theme of the Wednesday’s trading session was the monetary policy meeting of the Federal Reserve. The Fed managed to surprise the market even as it has left the policy stable.

Euro Trades Mixed as Policymakers Wait for Fed to Make Move

Euro is trading mixed today, heading lower against the dollar by gaining against the yen and pound. For the most part, European policymakers are waiting for the Fed to make a move. As long as the Federal Reserve doesn’t raise rates, moves by the European Central Bank are less effective.

Sterling Falls With Stocks

UK pound is losing ground today as global stocks drop. Concerns about the UK economy also continue to weigh on the sterling.