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European Bond Yields Remain in Check

Bond yields in the eurozone are still in check, thanks in large part to better news out of China and better stock performance. The euro is heading a little lower, and there are expectations for the 19-nation currency to struggle the rest of the year.

Euro Heads Lower as Economic Concerns Weigh

After maintaining some degree of strength this week, the euro is heading lower today. Economic concerns are weighing on the 19-nation currency, and comparisons are again being made with the US economic recovery.

UK Pound Continues to Soften Against Dollar and Euro

UK pound is heading lower again, dropping as concerns about the economy continue to weigh. This time slightly disappointing PMI is leading to a lower sterling.

PMI Reading Helps Euro Hold Its Own

Euro is holding its today in currency trading on the FX market, in spite of global jitters related to the latest news out of China and North Korea. Better economic data is helping the 19-nation currency as some expect to see growth in 2016.

Pound Ignores Supportive Construction Data

The Great Britain pound fell today, extending its decline versus the US dollar for the sixth consecutive trading session. The construction report released from the United Kingdom today was solid, but the currency shrugged off the supportive data. At the same time, the sterling managed to outperform the extremely soft euro.

Euro Struggles as Stocks Drop on Risk Aversion

Euro is struggling today as risk aversion sets in. Stocks are plunging in the wake of the latest Chinese data and that is bringing down high beta currencies like the euro in Forex trading.

Pound Gains Even as Economic Growth Slows

The Great Britain pound gained today even though Britain’s economic growth slowed more than was estimated previously, meaning that the nation’s central bank has less incentive to start hiking interest rates.

Euro Gains Despite Discouraging News

The euro rallied against its major peers on Monday and retained its gains at the start of Tuesday’s trading even though news from the European Union was not especially encouraging.

Euro Holds Onto Gains Even with Uncertainty in Spain

The euro is holding on to some of its recent gains today, even with uncertainty over what’s happening in Spain. However, the euro’s gains might be short-lived, as the fate of economic reforms in Spain are in doubt, and as the US dollar is expected to gain ground in the coming year.

Euro Struggles Against Major Currencies as Traders Assess

Euro is struggling today against major currencies, but not as much as many thought it would be. Even though the Fed’s rate hike yesterday weighed on the 19-nation currency, it’s not the rout many expected.