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Pound Suffers Weekly Losses as BoE Implements QE

The Great Britain pound dropped during the past trading week as the Bank of England moved forward with monetary stimulus, introducing substantial easing measures in hopes to help Britain’s economy to weather the impact of the Brexit.

Sterling Recovers Following Plunge on BoE Stimulus

The Great Britain pound is recovering today after yesterday’s drop that followed the announcement of additional stimulus package from the Bank of England.

Pound Down as BoE Steps in with Expanded Stimulus

The Great Britain pound dropped today after the Bank of England cut its interest rates, expanded its stimulus program, and lowered the growth forecast.

Great Britain Pound Near Opening After Poor Services PMI

The Great Britain pound was falling today and continued to decline after the poor report about the UK services sector. Yet now the currency has reversed its movement and trades close to the opening level.

Euro Mostly Higher, But Losses Could Be Coming

Euro is mostly higher today, but losses could be coming. Against some of its major counterparts, the euro is gaining ground, even though the 19-nation currency is down against the US dollar. However, recent data hasn’t been positive enough to rule out more stimulus from the ECB, and that means potential losses for the euro in the medium to long term.

Pound Goes Down as UK Manufacturing PMI Revised Lower

The Great Britain pound moved lower against its major rivals during Monday’s trading as the nation’s manufacturing sector contracted in July even more than had been previously estimated.

Strong Data Can’t Help UK Pound

UK pound is struggling today against its major counterparts, even though recent data has been so positive. With concerns about the upcoming Bank of England meeting and fall out from the recent Brexit vote, it’s clear that the focus isn’t on the most recent data reports.

German IFO Helps Euro in Forex Trading

Euro is mostly higher today, thanks in large part to the latest German IFO reading. Although nothing to be too excited about, the most recent data offers some hope for the embattled eurozone and shows continued optimism for what’s next — even with all of the downside risks emerging for the 19-nation currency region.

UK Pound Plunges on Latest PMI Reading

Thanks to the Brexit vote, confidence in the UK economy is poised for big losses. The latest PMI reading — a special reading by Markit — indicates that things could be headed for trouble. Sterling is dropping dramatically on the news, losing ground to its major counterparts.

Euro Trade Mixed on the Forex Market

Euro is mixed against its major counterparts today as Forex traders look ahead to coming weeks and try to determine what might be next. Concerns about potential stimulus in September, as well as the recent focus on buying corporate bonds, have some wondering whether there is more weakness ahead for the 19-nation currency.