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CAD Little Changed vs. USD Falls vs. Other Majors

The Canadian dollar was flat against its US counterpart on Monday and remained little changed during Tuesday’s trading. The loonie was falling against other majors, including the euro and the Japanese yen.

CAD Falls with Canadian Inflation

The Canadian dollar fell against its US peer today as Canada experienced deflation last month. The currency was little changed against the Japanese yen and gained on the very soft euro.

Canadian Dollar Demonstrates Strong Gains, Ignoring Domestic Data

The Canadian dollar demonstrated big gains against its major rivals today, even against the very strong US currency. The loonie managed to rally even though domestic macroeconomic data was not particularly good.

CAD Lower After BoC Policy Meeting

The Canadian dollar tumbled today following the monetary policy meeting of Canada’s central bank. Falling prices for crude oil also contributed to the decline of the currency.

Canadian Dollar Suffers Together with Commodities

The Canadian dollar slumped today as China’s not-so-good macroeconomic data dragged prices for raw materials down, hurting commodity-linked currencies along with them.

Canadian Dollar Climbs vs. Rivals, Ignores Drop of Crude Oil

The Canadian dollar jumped on Thursday, gaining not only on the US dollar but against other most-traded rivals as well. For a change, the currency did not track the movement of crude oil, which sank during the trading session.

Canadian Dollar Follows Crude Oil in Decline Yet Again

The Canadian dollar yet again followed crude oil price in decline. Yet the currency’s losses were not big as the decline of oil was limited itself.

Canadian Dollar Tracks Moves of Crude Oil

As it often happens, the Canadian dollar was following moves of crude oil. Today, this meant that the currency was rising at the first half of the trading session and was falling in the second half.

Canadian Dollar Mixed After Employment Data

During Friday’s trading, the Canadian dollar demonstrated the same performance as most other currencies, rising against the US dollar and the Japanese yen while falling versus the euro. Domestic data was mixed, giving the loonie little help in finding direction.

Canadian Dollar Pushes Higher, Tracing Rally of Crude Oil

The Canadian dollar was strong today, rising against its US counterpart and erasing losses versus the euro. The rally of crude oil undoubtedly contributed to the currency’s strength.