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Canadian Dollar Fails to Maintain Rally vs. US Dollar

The Canadian dollar attempted to rally against its US rival during the current trading session but has failed and is trading near the opening level right now. The currency was also flat against the Japanese yen but fell versus the euro.

CAD Rallies vs. USD, Less Successful Against Other Majors

The Canadian dollar rallied against its US counterpart after the dovish comments from the Federal Reserve’s head sent the greenback tumbling. The loonie had less success against its other major rivals due to the crash of crude oil prices.

Canadian Dollar Continues to Struggle as Oil Prices Drop

Canadian dollar is lower today, as oil prices resume their drop. North American stock indexes are also lower, which is weighing on the loonie as well. With the Canadian economy struggling a little bit because of oil, it’s little surprise that the loonie continues to exhibit weakness against its major counterparts.

Canadian Dollar Dragged Down by Crude Oil, Attempts to Recover

The Canadian dollar went lower against its major counterparts, the US dollar in particular, tracking the decline of crude oil. The currency is attempting to recover right now.

Canadian Dollar Surges After Fed

The Canadian dollar demonstrated a strong rally today, joining other currencies that have gained on the US dollar. There were several reasons for the rise: the Federal Reserve policy announcement, rising crude oil prices and solid manufacturing sales in Canada.

Canadian Dollar Withstands Impact of Poor Employment Report

The Canadian dollar rallied today in spite of rather poor employment data released from Canada. The apparent reason for the currency’s strength was the gains of crude oil.

Bank of Canada Holds, Makes Canadian Dollar Stronger

The Canadian central bank left its interest rates stable during the Wednesday’s policy meeting, surprising no one. The Canadian dollar jumped as a result and kept its gains during the early Thursday’s trading hours.

Canadian Dollar Near Highest Since November vs. US Dollar

The Canadian dollar rallied today, trading near the highest level since November against its US counterpart. The rally was fueled by the rise of crude oil prices as well as the general risk-positive market sentiment.

Canadian Dollar Finds Support in Woes of US Rival

The Canadian dollar bounced after the initial drop today. While domestic fundamentals were somewhat beneficial, the main reason for the bounce was the decline of the US dollar.

Loonie Falls Back After Yesterday’s Gains

Canadian dollar saw some measure of recovery yesterday, thanks in large part to recovering oil prices. Today the loonie is struggling again, falling as Forex traders consider the future of the Canadian economy, and as some engage in profit taking.