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Falling Canadian Dollar Gets Help from Crude Oil

The Canadian dollar was falling on Wednesday due to domestic macroeconomic data and the general negative sentiment among Forex market participants. The currency managed to rebound with the help of rising prices for crude oil, though, and is trading not far from the opening level at the start of Thursday’s session.

Canadian Dollar Swings Between Gains & Losses

The Canadian dollar was swinging between gains and losses during Thursday’s trading as positive domestic fundamentals were combating concerns about the impact of the Brexit on the world’s economy.

Canadian Dollar Suffers as Brexit Continues Rattle Markets

The Canadian dollar was rather weak today due to the aftershock of Britain’s referendum that has ended in a vote to leave the European Union. The loonie joined other commodity currencies that were suffering from the resulting risk-negative market sentiment.

Canadian Dollar Goes Higher with Help of Crude Oil & Brexit Outlook

The Canadian dollar rallied today with the help of rising prices for crude oil and the positive general market sentiment that was beneficial to commodity-linked currencies.

Canadian Dollar Doesn’t Join Rally vs. US Dollar

Most currencies rallied against the US dollar after the Federal Reserve’s policy announcement, but the Canadian dollar did not join the parade. The explanation for this is simple: prices for crude oil fell and dragged the Canadian currency along with them.

Canadian Dollar Attempts to Recover After Falling on Monday

The Canadian dollar fell on Monday, following the drop of crude oil prices, though the currency is trying to recover during early Tuesday’s trading.

CAD Rises on Employment Data, Loses Gains on Crude Oil Drop

The Canadian dollar jumped after the positive employment report but has started to go back down immediately afterwards. The currency preserved its gains versus the euro but lost them against the US dollar and the Japanese yen.

Canadian Dollar Heads for Fifth Day of Gains vs. US Dollar

The Canadian dollar climbed against its US counterpart for the fourth day in a row on Wednesday and continued to move up during Thursday’s early trading. The currency was little changed against such majors like the euro and the Japanese yen.

CAD Trades Mixed Today, But Weakness is Expected

Canadian dollar is trading mixed today against its major counterparts. However, some analysts and Forex traders think that the loonie will experience near-term weakness on economic data.

CAD Falls vs. USD & EUR, Gains on JPY

The Canadian dollar fell against the US dollar and the euro today, though currently it is trying to reverse losses against the former. The loonie fared far better against the yen, gaining on the Japanese currency.