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Dollar Soft amid Dovish Outlook for Fed Policy

The US dollar fell against some other currencies today as traders remained concerned that the Federal Reserve will not be able to raise interest rates as fast as it has initially planned. The greenback was especially vulnerable against commodity-geared currencies and the Great Britain pound, faring better against safe currencies and the euro.

Australian Dollar Starts Week with Gains

The Australian dollar rose today even though domestic macroeconomic data was somewhat disappointing. As for important economic reports outside of Australia, China’s data was mildly supportive to the currency.

Yen Ends Week Strongest on FX Market

The Japanese yen was a powerhouse of the Forex market during the past week. While the currency paused its rally by the weekend, it still ended trading with huge gains against other most-traded currencies.

Canadian Dollar Gains on Crude Oil Rally & Employment Data

The Canadian dollar rallied today, propelled higher by the amazing employment data and the rally of crude oil. The falling housing starts were unable to deter the currency from rising.

US Dollar Steady Against Euro and Pound, Down Against Yen

US dollar is remaining steady against the euro and the pound as risk aversion remains an issue. However, the greenback continues to fall against the yen.

Australian Dollar Benefits from China’s Data

The Australian dollar traded above the opening level today after the release of positive macroeconomic data from China. As of now, the currency has trimmed its gains but remains above the opening.

Canadian Dollar Slides, Attempts to Rebound

The Canadian dollar fell today after the nation’s trade balance worsened unexpectedly. The currency is trying to regain its footing with the help of crude oil rally.

Dollar Index Gains as Traders Shun Riskier Assets

Dollar index is heading higher today as traders shun riskier assets. Stocks are dropping, as are oil prices. Traders are turning away from riskier assets in favor of safe havens, and that is helping the greenback to some degree.

Loonie Stays Mostly Lower in Currency Trading

Canadian dollar continues to head mostly lower today in currency trading on the FX market. Loonie saw a bit of a surge at the end of last week, but now the currency is settling back down.

Aussie Trades Lower After Mixed Data

The Australian dollar fell against its major rivals today after the release of mixed economic data from Australia. Now, traders wait for monetary policy decision of the Reserve Bank of Australia.