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Consumer Confidence Data Helps Euro

The latest consumer confidence data out of the eurozone indicates that the recession might be coming to an end. This is good news for many who are hoping that the 17-nation currency region will pick up a bit so that it can truly leave the sovereign debt crisis behind. For now, the news has resulted in gains for the euro.

Gains of Commodities Make NZ Dollar Stronger

The New Zealand dollar advanced today as risk appetite on markets helped riskier assets, driving commodities higher and increasing the appeal of growth-related currencies.

Can Australian Dollar Maintain Rally for One More Week?

The Australian dollar had rather nice rally last week. Can it keep gains this week or even move higher? Analysts disagree on this matter.

Euro Gains Against Dollar, Even as Eurozone Debt Swells

Euro is higher against the US dollar today, even with the swelling eurozone debt. However, the greenback is one of the very few major currencies that the euro is gaining against. When compared to other major currencies, the euro is losing ground.

Dollar After Bernanke’s Week

This week could be called Ben Bernanke’s week as attention of all Forex traders was focused on the testimony of the Federal Reserve Chairman. The dollar was rising ahead for the speech, but tumbled afterwards.

Canadian Dollar Ends Friday Mixed

The Canadian dollar was mixed after inflation report on Friday. The currency rose against the US dollar, fell against the euro and closed flat versus the Japanese yen.

US Dollar Loses Ground after Bernanke Remarks

Greenback is heading lower today, following some gains in the wake of positive economic data. Even with the positive data, though, the US dollar is losing ground as concern about the latest remarks from Ben Bernanke weigh on its performance.

Aussie Gains Ground after Bernanke Testimony

Australian dollar is gaining ground today following yesterday’s somewhat dovish remarks from Ben Bernanke. Aussie is sensitive to movements in the dollar, as well as expectations for the global economy and gold prices (which are slightly higher).

Canadian Dollar Rises on Signs of Growth

The Canadian dollar advanced today on hopes that signs of economic growth will encourage policy makers to become bolder and reduce monetary accommodation, the move that they were promising for a long time.

Euro Continues to Struggle on Uncertainty

Euro continues to struggle a bit today, dropping against the dollar and the pound as eurozone uncertainty remains the focus for many traders. Angela Merkel appears to have a plan in mind for saving the euro, but it remains to be seen whether or not it will work — and whether or not eurozone leaders will be on board.