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Continued Safe Haven Demand Helps Greenback

Forex traders are still looking for a safe haven today, and the US dollar is providing that feeling of confidence. With upheaval in the stock markets and uncertainty over North Korea and the Middle East, it’s no surprise that the dollar is gaining ground today.

PMI Reading Helps Euro Hold Its Own

Euro is holding its today in currency trading on the FX market, in spite of global jitters related to the latest news out of China and North Korea. Better economic data is helping the 19-nation currency as some expect to see growth in 2016.

Yuan at Lowest Level in Five Years

The Chinese yuan depreciated today, falling to the lowest level in five years, as the People’s Bank of China lowered its reference rate, prompting speculations among market participants that China is going to renew currency wars.

NZ Dollar Hurt by News from New Zealand & Abroad

The New Zealand dollar dipped today, hurt by news from both New Zealand itself and from abroad. The currency declined for the fifth straight trading session versus the US dollar and the Japanese yen.

Yen Continues to Surge on Safe Haven Demand

Yen is higher against other major currencies today as safe haven demand continues to drive Forex traders. With the uncertainty right now, yen is preferred for its stability and safety.

US Dollar Index Rises as Risk Aversion Continues

US dollar index is higher today, thanks in large part to continued risk aversion. The latest chain of events in China and the Middle East are making investors and traders skittish, and they are turning to safe haven currencies.

Australian Dollar Logs Small Gains

The Australian dollar bounced today following yesterday’s rout due to bad news from China. The gains were limited, though, and far from being enough to erase the Monday’s decline.

Loonie Drops, Even with Higher Oil Prices

Canadian dollar is heading lower today, despite the fact that oil prices are finally on the rise again. With so much risk aversion, the loonie is down in large part due to a desire to shore up with safe haven currencies as the markets struggle.

Euro Struggles as Stocks Drop on Risk Aversion

Euro is struggling today as risk aversion sets in. Stocks are plunging in the wake of the latest Chinese data and that is bringing down high beta currencies like the euro in Forex trading.

Year Starts with Risk Aversion, Yen Profits

The year has started with the risk aversion theme that should have been helping the currencies that are traditionally considered to be safe, like the Japanese yen and the Swiss franc. And while the franc is struggling, the yen did indeed was rising.