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Japanese Yen Trades Mixed as Officials Try to Talk it Down

Japanese yen is trading mixed today, but officials still see the relative strength of the currency as a problem to tackle. Continued strength from the yen sent Japanese stocks plunging today, and there are concerns that the economic recovery will be slowed by the latest developments.

Yen Edges Up on Demand for Safer Assets

Yen is heading higher as investors and traders turn to more traditional safe haven assets in response to uncertainty and volatility in the stock market.

Bank of Japan Responsible for Weekly Losses of Yen

The past trading week was marked with several policy meetings of major central banks. The most interesting of them turned out to be the Bank of Japan meeting that resulted in a surprise cut of the interest rates into negative territory. As one can expect, this resulted in a slump of the Japanese yen.

Yen Sinks as BoJ Implements Negative Interest Rates

The Bank of Japan surprised the market by pushing its interest rates into negative territory at today’s monetary policy meeting. As one could expect, such decision led to a slump of the Japanese yen against other most-traded currencies.

Week Starts with Risk-Off Sentiment, Sending Yen Higher

The Japanese yen found help from the risk-negative sentiment that prevailed on the Forex market at the start of the trading week. The drop of crude oil and global stocks soured the traders’ mood, making them less willing to take risk.

Yen Under Pressure During Friday’s Trading

The Japanese yen fell against its major peers (though not against the euro) during the Friday’s trading session due to prospects for monetary tightening from the Bank of Japan. The unexpected drop of manufacturing index was not helpful to the currency either.

US Dollar Rallies on Divergent Monetary Policies of Major Central Banks

The US dollar gained against a basket of major currencies on Thursday and kept its gains at the start of Friday’s trading. The reason for the rally was divergent monetary policies of major central banks.

Yen Continues to Surge on Safe Haven Demand

Yen is higher against other major currencies today as safe haven demand continues to drive Forex traders. With the uncertainty right now, yen is preferred for its stability and safety.

Yen Jumps After BoJ Makes Tweaks to Asset Purchase Program

The Japanese yen gained today, rising more than 1 percent against the US dollar, even though the nation’s central bank made changes to its asset-purchase program. The changes were not that significant, though, explaining why the currency reacted positively to the news.

Yen Mixed After BoJ Minutes

The Japanese yen rallied against the euro but fell against some other majors, including the US dollar, today. The currency received some support from risk aversion caused by tensions between Turkey and Russia. Minutes of the Japan’s central bank released today left mixed feelings among analysts.