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Japanese Yen Jumps as BOJ Stays the Course

Japanese yen is gaining ground against its major counterparts after the Bank of Japan surprised markets by keeping its benchmark rate the same, and staying the course on the current stimulus package.

Japanese Yen Gains Ahead of BOJ Meeting

Japanese yen is heading higher today, gaining ground ahead of an upcoming Bank of Japan meeting. There is a bit of uncertainty about what’s next for the Japanese economy, and what policymakers will do about it.

Yen Sinks amid Stimulus Speculations

The Japanese yen sank today amid speculations about possible monetary stimulus from the Bank of Japan. Japan’s economic data was not helpful to the currency as well.

Falling Crude Oil Fuels Rally of Japanese Yen

The Japanese yen rallied against most other major currencies today. Analysts explained the rally by risk aversion that followed the drop of crude oil prices.

Japanese Yen Lower Against Rivals

The Japanese yen fell against its major rivals today after the Bank of Japan released the summary of opinions voiced on the last policy meeting.

Yen Rallies After BoJ Makes No Move

The Japanese yen rallied today as the Bank of Japan decided to keep its monetary policy unchanged, a decision that had been widely anticipated.

Yen Higher on Safe Haven Demand, More Stimulus Could Come

Japanese yen is higher today, thanks in large part to safe haven demand. However, this may not last. The Bank of Japan is expected to continue stimulus in April.

Yen Firmer as Kuroda Downplays Stimulus Prospects

The Japanese yen was firmer today as Haruhiko Kuroda, Bank of Japan Governor, downplayed prospects for additional monetary stimulus from the central bank.

Japanese Yen Trades Mixed as Officials Try to Talk it Down

Japanese yen is trading mixed today, but officials still see the relative strength of the currency as a problem to tackle. Continued strength from the yen sent Japanese stocks plunging today, and there are concerns that the economic recovery will be slowed by the latest developments.

Yen Edges Up on Demand for Safer Assets

Yen is heading higher as investors and traders turn to more traditional safe haven assets in response to uncertainty and volatility in the stock market.