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Aussie Gains on Positive GDP Report, Has Troubles Keeping Gains

The Australian dollar rallied against its major peers today with the help of surprisingly good GDP data. Other reports from Australia and its biggest trading partner, China, were not as good, making the Aussie lose some of the gains against the US dollar and retreat below the opening level versus the euro and the Japanese yen.

Aussie Falls amid Detrimental Fundamentals

The Australian dollar fell today as fundamentals were not helpful to riskier currencies linked to commodities and economic growth.

Australian Dollar Bounces After Falling Intraday

The Australian dollar was down intraday but has bounced as of now even though Australia’s macroeconomic data was rather detrimental to the currency.

Aussie Follows Kiwi in Gains

The Australian dollar followed its New Zealand counterpart in a rally during the current trading session even though fundamentals were not as supportive for the Aussie.

Interest Rate Cut Talks Weigh on Australian Dollar

The Australian dollar sank today amid speculations that the Reserve Bank of Australia may perform another interest cut after it has already slashed borrowing costs earlier this month.

Australian Dollar Retreats as Wage Inflation Misses Expectations

The Australian dollar fell today, following yesterday’s rally, as slower-than-expected wage growth made traders reluctant to buy the currency.

Australian Dollar Rises as Chinese Data Fails to Lead Markets

China released a few macroeconomic indicators over the weekend, and all of them were bad. Yet this had little impact on the Forex market and did not prevent the Australian dollar from rallying.

Australian Dollar Weaker amid Interest Rate Cut Speculations

The Australian dollar was soft today amid speculations that the Reserve Bank of Australia is going to perform additional interest rate cuts in the near future.

Australian Dollar Mixed After Economic Data

The Australian dollar gained on its US counterpart but fell against the Japanese yen after the release of mixed economic data from Australia.

Australian Dollar Rises on China’s Data

The Australian rose today with the help of relatively decent economic reports from China.