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Australian Dollar Fails to Rally on Employment Data

The Australian dollar has attempted to rally on the back of positive domestic employment data released today but failed as the market sentiment slipped back into the risk-off mode.

Australian Dollar Firms with Market Sentiment

Today, the Australian dollar rose together with other currencies linked to growth and commodities as positive trade data from China helped to alleviate risk aversion on markets.

Australian Dollar Moves Further Down

Today, the Australian dollar declined for the fourth day in a row against the US dollar and the sixth session versus the Japanese yen. Economic data from Australia was mixed, giving no edge to the currency, while China remained a major source of concerns for investors.

Australian Dollar Logs Small Gains

The Australian dollar bounced today following yesterday’s rout due to bad news from China. The gains were limited, though, and far from being enough to erase the Monday’s decline.

Australian Dollar Edges Higher Before Fed Announcement

The Australian dollar ticked higher today as the market was preparing itself for the upcoming monetary policy announcement from the Federal Reserve. Trading was jittery due to uncertainty regarding the Fed decision and the market reaction to it.

Australian Dollar Higher After Economic Data & RBA Minutes

The Australian dollar ticked up a little against the US dollar and the Japanese yen today, lifted by positive domestic macroeconomic data and minutes of the latest central bank’s meeting.

Aussie Erases Gains Cause by Amazing Employment Data

The Australian dollar dropped today, falling more than 1 percent against its major peers and erasing its previous gains, as traders continued to anticipate an interest rate hike from the Federal Reserve. Yesterday, the currency jumped due to a positive employment report.

Positive Data from Australia Doesn’t Help Australian Dollar

The Australian dollar dropped against the US dollar and the Japanese yen today despite positive economic data from Australia. The most likely reason for the drop was risk aversion caused by anticipation of an interest rate hike from the Federal Reserve.

Economic Data Stops Aussie’s Rally

The Australian dollar dropped today as Australia’s economic data released during the current trading session was not impressive at all. The currency fell for the first day in three against its other major peers.

Australian Dollar Gains as Risk Aversion Subsides

The Australian dollar rose today, erasing yesterday’s losses against the US dollar and gaining for the fifth straight session versus the Japanese yen. It looks like risk aversion caused by the events in France has subsided, making high-beta currencies attractive yet again.