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Employment Data Pushes Aussie Lower, Decline Limited

The Australian dollar dropped today on the basis of the disappointing employment report. The currency bounced, though, trimming its losses with the help of crude oil rally and news from China.

Australian Dollar Finds Support in Rising Oil Prices

The improvement of the risk sentiment allowed the Australian dollar to bounce even though domestic macroeconomic fundamentals were not particularly supportive to the currency.

Australian Dollar Higher vs. US Rival, Loses Gains vs. Yen

The Australian dollar gained against its US counterpart today with the help of monetary policy minutes from the Australian central bank and the rally of crude oil. The currency was less successful in rising against its other major rivals. For example, it lost earlier gains versus the Japanese yen.

Australian Dollar Gains Strength as Traders’ Mood Improves

The Australian dollar rose on Monday, climbing more than 1 percent against the Japanese yen, as the positive mood of the Forex market participants helped riskier currencies tied to commodities and growth to gain strength.

Australian Dollar Drops Together with Other Commodity Currencies

The Australian dollar fell today along with other commodity-related currencies despite relatively positive economic data from Australia. The most likely reason for the sluggish performance was concern about slowdown of the global economy.

Australian Dollar Remains Below Opening Level After Trimming Losses

The Australian dollar trimmed today’s losses against its major rivals, almost erasing them against the US currency, but remained below the opening level as the market sentiment was unfavorable to currencies related to commodities and growth.

Australian Dollar Pauses to Decide Where to Go Next

The Australian dollar was not moving in any particular direction at the start of Friday’s trading session. Traders were digesting economic data and the Statement of Monetary Policy released by the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Aussie Down Intraday, Attempts to Recover

The Australian dollar dipped intraday due to disappointing manufacturing data from China but has managed to recover as of now, at least against the US dollar and the Japanese yen.

Australian Dollar Higher vs. Majors, Unable to Beat US Dollar

The Australian dollar gained on some of its major counterparts, like the very weak Japanese yen, during the current trading session. The Aussie was unable to beat the US dollar, though, as economic data from Australia missed expectations.

Australian Inflation Data Makes Aussie Stronger

The Australian dollar gained today against its other most traded peers with the help of inflation data. The solid report improved the monetary policy outlook, giving additional support to the currency.