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Euro Drops as Economic Data Disappoints

Euro is heading lower today, dropping on disappointing economic data and concerns that the eurozone will see more slowing. Concerns about the various countries in the eurozone are weighing on the 19-nation currency.

NZD Struggles to Keep Rally vs. USD, Falls vs. JPY

The New Zealand dollar was trying to extend its rally versus the US dollar but is struggling to keep rising as of now. The currency fell against the Japanese yen.

Yen Trades Higher After Mixed Data

The Japanese yen climbed against its major peers today even though macroeconomic data from Japan was mixed, failing to provide a direction for the currency.

US Dollar Ends Week Strong with Help from Fed Minutes

The US dollar ended the week strong against the majority of other most-traded currencies thanks to the minutes of the Federal Reserve policy meeting. The only currencies that have shown resilience against the greenback were the Great Britain pound and the New Zealand dollar.

Canadian Dollar Trades Lower due to Poor Macroeconomic Indicators

The Canadian dollar traded lower against its most-liquid counterparts, including the US dollar and the euro (but not including the Japanese yen) due to the worse-than-expected macroeconomic data released from Canada today.

Dollar Higher amid Summer Hike Talks

The US dollar traded higher against most of its major peers, though it was not able to beat all of them. Among the currencies that stood strong against the greenback was the euro, though currently EUR/USD is trying to move closer to the opening level.

Great Britain Pound Falls, Still Heads to Weekly Gains

The Great Britain pound fell against the US dollar and the euro today due to signs that the Bank of England may decide to ease its monetary policy.

Threat of Intervention Discourages Traders from Buying Yen

The Japanese yen traded lower today as the threat of an intervention continues to loom over the currency, discouraging traders from buying it.

Japan’s Economy Emerges from Recession, Yen Not Impressed

Japan’s economy emerged from a recession, growing in the first three months of 2016. Yet this did not translate into a rally of the Japanese yen.

Pound Firm After Employment Data & Brexit Polls

The Great Britain pound was very strong today, gaining on it major rivals, even the US dollar that itself was also firm. The reason for the amazing performance was the employment report and the Brexit polls.