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Euro Down on Factory Data, Except Against the Dollar

Euro is mostly lower today, falling against many of its major counterparts after the release of factory output data. The US dollar is one of the few currencies that the euro is seeing gains against today.

New Zealand Dollar Gets Help of Employment Data

The New Zealand dollar gained today with the help of positive employment report released overnight. Graeme Wheeler, Governor of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, was speaking early during the Asian session, sending mixed signals about the future monetary policy.

Britain’s Services PMI Shows Stable Growth, Sterling Rallies

The Great Britain pound rallied today after the release of the services Purchasing Managers’ Index. The index was safely above the neutral level, showing stable growth of the sector.

Greenback Trades Mixed as Global Stocks Plummet

Global stocks are once again plummeting. The dollar is trading mixed, however, as many traders await economic data to determine whether or not recent dollar strength remains relevant.

Yen Edges Up on Demand for Safer Assets

Yen is heading higher as investors and traders turn to more traditional safe haven assets in response to uncertainty and volatility in the stock market.

Canadian Dollar Withstands Negative Impact of Falling Oil Prices

The Canadian dollar was able to overcome the negative impact of falling prices for crude oil, bouncing from the daily lows during the Monday’s trading session.

Britain’s Manufacturing Looks Good, Pound Higher

The Great Britain pound gained against its major peers today with the help of a good manufacturing report. It was the third consecutive day of gains for the currency against the euro and the Japanese yen.

Aussie Down Intraday, Attempts to Recover

The Australian dollar dipped intraday due to disappointing manufacturing data from China but has managed to recover as of now, at least against the US dollar and the Japanese yen.

Euro Rallies a Bit as Gold Gains Ground

Euro is rallying today, following on the heels of a choppy couple of weeks. Last week the euro didn’t perform quite as well as expected, considering the data released about the eurozone, but at the start of this week the 19-nation currency seems to be making up for it.

US Dollar Index Heads Lower on Fed Speculation

US dollar is struggling today, with the dollar index down as Forex traders wonder if the Federal Reserve will dial back its plans for interest rate hikes. With the global economy showing volatility, and concerns about what’s next weighing, there is some speculation that the Fed will be reluctant to keep raising rates.