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Currency movements may seem chaotic, but the inner structure of these fluctuations has its own laws. Fundamental factors, macroeconomic situation, political decisions, global events — they
all offer a steady ground for analysis and subsequent prediction of the future Forex rates. The articles in this category are all dedicated to foreign exchange forecast. They present market sentiment and research regarding the recently active major and exotic world currencies. If you are up to currency trading, these forecast may be considered as a useful resource of ideas for your long-term FX trading.

Market Waits for RBNZ, Outlook Negative for NZD

The major event for the New Zealand dollar this week is the monetary policy meeting of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. Unfortunately for the currency, the policy outlook is dovish.

Short-Term Outlook for US Dollar

The holiday period in the United States has ended, and economic data from the USA will be released to the markets again. Let us see what factors will be affecting the US dollar over the next few days and what can be expected by traders from the US currency.

Two Important Events for Dollar Bulls to Watch During This Week

The US dollar has been in a consolidation mode in July, but this pattern may change as couple of important reports is scheduled for this week.

Another Week of Strength for US Dollar?

The US dollar has been rather strong lately, being the second best performer on the Forex market last week. Can the currency continue its amazing performance this week?

Near-Term Outlook for Canadian Dollar

The Canadian dollar has been performing rather poorly recently. Is it possible for the currency to turn its fortune around this week?

Future Looks Bleak for Australian Dollar

The Australian dollar has started this trading week with a small rally but not before touching the lowest level since May 2009 against its US counterpart. Can the Aussie stand its ground or will it reach new lows? Unfortunately, things do not look good for the Australian currency.

Dollar Has Bullish Setup Ahead of NFP

The US dollar has been in a corrective mode lately but was attempting to renew its rally for the last several trading sessions. Is this a sign of resumption of a bullish trend or just a noise on the market?

What Future Holds for Euro After Fed-Inspired Rally?

The euro enjoyed a decent rally last week with the unexpected help from the US Federal Reserve. Will the currency be able to maintain its upward momentum after the initial shock from the Fed’s statement fades?

Dollar Forecast for Week Before Fed Meeting

The US dollar ended the last week on a positive note. Can the US currency maintain its bullish momentum or a pause in the rally should be expected?

Forecast: US Dollar in 2015

The US dollar demonstrated exceptional performance in 2014. Can the greenback maintain its amazing rally in 2015 or correction is in order?