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NZ Dollar Jumps While Britons Vote in Referendum

The New Zealand dollar rallied to the highest level in a year versus the US dollar and climbed more than 2% against the Japanese yen amid hopes for Great Britain to stay in the European Union.

Norway Central Bank Makes No Changes to Policy, Krone Climbs

The Norwegian krone climbed versus the US dollar after Norway’s central bank refrained from cutting interest rates during today’s policy meeting.

Swiss Franc Joins Rally vs. US Dollar, Unable to Beat Euro

The Swiss franc rallied together with other currencies against the US dollar today, but the Swissie was unable to outperform the euro, falling against the shared 19-nation currency.

Helpful Fundamentals Make Australian Dollar Stronger

The Australian dollar climbed today thanks to helpful fundamentals, like the rise of crude oil prices and the weakness of the US dollar.

New Zealand Dollar Rallies Ignoring Domestic Fundamentals

Economic data released from New Zealand today was not particularly good, but it had little bearing on the nation’s currency that joined a rally of other high-beta currencies.

Canadian Dollar Goes Higher with Help of Crude Oil & Brexit Outlook

The Canadian dollar rallied today with the help of rising prices for crude oil and the positive general market sentiment that was beneficial to commodity-linked currencies.

Pound Jumps More than 1% Against Dollar & Yen

The Great Britain pound continued to soar against other most-traded currencies, particularly safer ones like the US dollar and the Japanese yen, as prospects for the Brexit had waned significantly.

Australian Dollar Opens Sharply Higher, Moves Further Up

The Australian dollar opened sharply higher today and is now trading above the opening level as traders felt less concerned about the possibility of the Brexit.

Better to Avoid Sterling Ahead of Britain’s Referendum

Britain’s upcoming referendum about membership in the European Union remains a hot topic in the news and speculations of market participants. Many analysts advise to stay away from the Great Britain pound ahead of the event.

Pound Starts Week Poorly, Bounces Later

The theme of Great Britain’s referendum about leaving the European Union remained a hot topic during the week. While the week had started negative for the currency, the sterling rebounded by the weekend.