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Canadian Dollar Struggles to Keep Gains

The Canadian dollar was attempting to move lower on Wednesday after showing a decent performance on Tuesday despite the drop of crude oil prices.

US Dollar Mixed amid Barrage of News

The US dollar rose against the euro and the Swiss franc on Tuesday but was flat versus the Japanese yen and fell against other most-traded currencies. There were plenty of different factors contributing to the performance of the US currency.

Brazilian Real Gains vs. US Dollar During Tuesday’s Trading

The Brazilian real rose against the US dollar today even though experts are expecting that the Central Bank of Brazil is going to cut interest rates in October.

Yen Recovers After Intraday Drop

The Japanese yen fell intraday due to the surge of risk appetite but regained its strength as of now and is trading near the opening level.

Canadian Dollar Falls on Monday, Rally of Crude Oil Doesn’t Help

The Canadian dollar fell against its major peers on Monday despite the rally of Canada’s most important export commodity — crude oil.

US Dollar Soft as Traders Worry About Presidential Elections

The US dollar was soft today due to uncertainty associated with the US elections and presidential debates ahead of them. The greenback managed to stay flat against the Great Britain pound and the Swiss franc. Furthermore, the US currency advanced versus the Canadian dollar.

Pound Goes Lower as Brexit Fears Return

The Great Britain pound was soft against some of the majors (though stayed flat versus the US dollar) as Brexit fears were returning to the market.

Japanese Yen Higher Even as Kuroda Speaks About Easing

The Japanese yen appreciated against other most-liquid currencies today after the speech of Haruhiko Kuroda, Bank of Japan Governor, even though he was talking about a possibility of additional monetary easing.

Future Does Not Look Bright for Canadian Dollar

There are plenty of factors that could impact the performance of the Canadian dollar this trading week. Unfortunately for the currency, most of them are negative. Let’s look at the most important of them.

Dollar Ends Week Soft as Fed Stays Passive

The US dollar was hurt by the monetary policy decision of the Federal Reserve, ending the week relatively soft. Yet there were even weaker currencies — the Great Britain pound and the New Zealand dollar, which suffered from the monetary policy outlook.