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Discussion in 'Trading Journals' started by 1pipatatime, Jan 4, 2012.

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    Good, checking out this post and will look forward to your trading plan and since it is the 23rd, you will be posting on the 27th feb, right?
  2. Forturama

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    Any up dates?
  3. 1pipatatime

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    For the people who have been following I have come back after my big distraction which has changed the way I look at life completely.

    My partner gave birth to our first child a baby girl and she decided to come early by about 5 weeks, so my complete attention has been elsewhere.

    Since my last post (and a beautiful baby girl) I have had a lot of time to think about my trading and my trading goals.

    I'm no longer looking for or trying to get every trade that the market has to offer, i'm just looking for re-tracement in a trending market and end up with an average higher than 10 pips per day.

    With the system I have I believe that I will achieve it.

    With the everything going according to plan the targets will be as below.

    Targets are as follows (but maybe adjusted depending on time management with my new little one)

    Day Pip Target Profit(in USD)
    1 10 $100
    2 10 $100
    3 10 $100
    4 10 $100 (after 40 points contract size doubles)
    5 10 $200
    6 10 $200
    7 10 $200
    8 10 $200 (after 40 points contract size doubles)
    9 10 $400
    10 10 $400
    11 10 $400
    12 10 $400 (after 40 points contract size doubles)
    13 10 $800
    14 10 $800
    15 10 $800
    16 10 $800 (after 40 points contract size doubles)
    17 10 $1600
    18 10 $1600
    19 10 $1600
    20 10 $1600 (after 40 points contract size doubles)

    The above will be started with a standard Lot on an IG Markets account which will require approximately $200 AUD and the game starts Monday 10 pips a day.


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    Hi 1pipatatime. I have just joined earnforex and found your journal. Congrats on yr baby girl! It is a great idea to keep a public journal like you have started, keeps you motivated and also to keep the focus - because the trader has made a commitment to post how they are going with their trading. Writing a blog every day though is a big task so why not write notes and publish once a week? That frees up a lot of time to spend with your family. I hope all is well and you keep posting, to benefit yourself and those following yr posts. Cheers.

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