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Enivid 29th October 2011 12:04

Pinbar Trading System
Discuss Pinbar Trading System here. It's a simple interpretation of the Pinbar (Pinocchio bar) pattern trading with very few details added up. You can ask any questions about this strategy here.

Easy Trader 30th October 2011 15:37

Nice job!;)...

Enivid 30th October 2011 20:30

Thanks for inspiration! Now I am trying to create a separate Pinbar indicator. I don't like the one in PriceAction AHA 0_2v2.mq4. It's too bulky, lacks some features and there's a bug in bearish Pinbar set-up detection.

Easy Trader 30th October 2011 20:35

Yea the indicator is a bit tough, I felt like I gave away my good's when I saw it published:o
I think I have one or two more pin indicators somewhere on my PC they might be just fine or have a easier code to work with.

EagleTrader 1st November 2011 00:49

You use this indicator yourself? How reliable do you find it?

Enivid 1st November 2011 17:23

There's no indicator yet, but I will certainly start using it when it's created.

Easy Trader 1st November 2011 22:35


Originally Posted by EagleTrader (Post 23088)
You use this indicator yourself? How reliable do you find it?

If i had to rate it i'd say misses some bars and also signals some bars that don't close within the left eye making it un-valid...Once you get an eye for them they will jump out at ya. I use the indi mainly for the inside 4 bars which i'm horrible at spotting but I only demo them and plan on staying that way unless I make some head way with evolving a sound approach with them...

myknees 19th March 2015 08:25

Here's some rules I made up for myself...

First two checks are basically the same in each case, the checks are:

• The Doji is “significant” in that it has a Candle length at least 75% of the current ATR(14)
• The Body (Open - Close or Close - Open (to get a positive value)) is insignificant – It is less than 20% of the Candle length

HighToLowValue = (High – Low)

Checks For Long

• HighToLowValue > (ATR(14) * 0.75)
• Positive Value Of (Open – Close) < (HighToLowValue * 0.2)
• Close >= High – (HighToLowValue * 0.25)
• Open >= High – (HighToLowValue * 0.25)

Checks For Short

• HighToLowValue > (ATR(14) * 0.75)
• Positive Value Of (Open – Close) < (HighToLowValue * 0.2)
• Close <= Low + (HighToLowValue * 0.25)
• Open <= Low + (HighToLowValue * 0.25)

I then prefer to use the strategy outlined here -

Quite new here to pin bars and welcome comment on how others are using them, I prefer the daily and weekly time frames only as it seems on the lower timeframes the bars are mainly influenced by news and don't seem so profitable at present (I am not really making or losing any money at present).

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