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Enivid 29th October 2011 12:04

Pinbar Trading System
Discuss Pinbar Trading System here. It's a simple interpretation of the Pinbar (Pinocchio bar) pattern trading with very few details added up. You can ask any questions about this strategy here.

Easy Trader 30th October 2011 15:37

Nice job!;)...

Enivid 30th October 2011 20:30

Thanks for inspiration! Now I am trying to create a separate Pinbar indicator. I don't like the one in PriceAction AHA 0_2v2.mq4. It's too bulky, lacks some features and there's a bug in bearish Pinbar set-up detection.

Easy Trader 30th October 2011 20:35

Yea the indicator is a bit tough, I felt like I gave away my good's when I saw it published:o
I think I have one or two more pin indicators somewhere on my PC they might be just fine or have a easier code to work with.

EagleTrader 1st November 2011 00:49

You use this indicator yourself? How reliable do you find it?

Enivid 1st November 2011 17:23

There's no indicator yet, but I will certainly start using it when it's created.

Easy Trader 1st November 2011 22:35


Originally Posted by EagleTrader (Post 23088)
You use this indicator yourself? How reliable do you find it?

If i had to rate it i'd say misses some bars and also signals some bars that don't close within the left eye making it un-valid...Once you get an eye for them they will jump out at ya. I use the indi mainly for the inside 4 bars which i'm horrible at spotting but I only demo them and plan on staying that way unless I make some head way with evolving a sound approach with them...

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