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Neo 20th September 2011 00:17

Where you from?
So where is everybody from?

I was born and raised and still reside in Ontario, Canada

devis77 14th December 2011 10:58

UK, but I'm planning to move to some place where rainy days are less than 350 per year. Hopefully with all the cash from trading Forex. :p

FarrisFahad 22nd December 2011 16:15

I am form Saudi Arabia

1pipatatime 6th January 2012 15:52

The land down under Aussie

forexmen 6th January 2012 21:12

I'm from Poland! ; ) Hi all!

ezrydn 11th August 2012 19:09

Born in Texas, lived in California, Texas again, South Vietnam for 13 mos and have lived in Guadalajara MX for the last 11 years. Spent the night in Tokyo once.

fxability88 27th August 2012 07:10

I'm from Indonesia, it's great to be here and make friends. =)

leandros21 19th October 2012 07:28

Am from Cyprus

krecex 5th November 2012 07:47

I am from Indonesia. I hope we can share and learn from each other.

broKurt 5th November 2012 10:50

From the land down under...

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